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Breast | Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture is a serious breast augmentation complication. After an implant is placed, your body recognizes that it is a foreign material, similar to a pacemaker, heart valve or any other prosthesis, and therefore forms scar tissue around it also known as a capsule. In other words, your body attempts to isolate the implant in order to protect you.

Capsule formation is totally normal and all women who have breast implants develop them. They are thin and soft and imperceptible to the patient. However, in some cases the capsule will abnormally thicken and contract around the implant, causing the breast to appear deformed and displaced. This is what’s known as capsular contracture. If you do a thorough job of researching the right surgeon, you will have the confidence that you have chosen one of the best breast augmentation surgeons Beverly Hills can lay claim to because of his low rate of capsular contracture or other complications.

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